App-licable for you: Evernote

EvernoteWhether I am using it to jot down my parking garage level on my Android phone or take more serious notes on my iPad, this free app allows me to easily keep track of all of my notes in one place that I can access anywhere. Since each note taken with the app is synced with the Evernote website, you can access all of your notes from any of your tablets, smart phones or computers (download the Evernote app for your Mac from Apple’s app store).

In addition to plain text notes, you can also save web pages (complete with text, images and links) to your Evernote account with a browser extension, as well as files and photos. You can even share your notes with friends and colleagues. So if you haven’t downloaded it yet, check it out and let me know what you think…hey it beats all of those sticky notes in your pockets…okay I still use those too.