Three business podcasts you need to hear

Whether it’s because I’ve always had long commutes, I quickly grow tired of my music downloads or I just like hate listening to commercials, I love podcasts. Since I work in social media, I often look for podcasts about my chosen field. At first I thought podcasts and social media would make a natural marriage, but I have found the variety of results to be less than plentiful. With that said, here are three social media podcasts that are worth your time.
For Immediate Release: The Hobson and Holtz report
Shel Holtz and Neville Hobson record their podcast thousands of miles apart in England and California, respectively, but you would never know it. While these two are obviously communications experts, I often find them to be a bit “old school” in their thinking and the podcast has a more corporate feel than my favorite podcasts, which sound like they were recorded in a someone’s basement. However, this is still one of the premier podcasts on social media and their guests are relevant and informative. Check out their recent interview with Sharon McIntosh, Sr. Director, Employee Communications at PepsiCo.

HBR IdeadCast
If you are remotely interested in communications, this podcast is worth a listen. It’s relatively short and it’s not updated more than once every few weeks but where else can you listen to interviews with Harvard professors, CEOs (e.g., the former CEO of Campbell’s Soup Company) and other business leaders.
The Social Hour
This one is not a podcast per se even though you can download a podcast version from iTunes. Rather, it’s a netcast, which is like a podcast only you can watch it live every Monday at 2 p.m. EST or you can watch or listen to it later on

Co-hosted by Sarah Lane, from Petaluma, CA and Amber MacArthur, a new media journalist and web strategist from Toronto, this has become one of my favorite podcasts on new media. In between interviewing new media experts like Reuters Social Media Editor Anthony De Rosa and CEO Steve Years, the pod(net)cast features interesting web tools, such as Boomerang for organizing Gmail messages and using to create infographic resumes.


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